Predicted Opening 2020

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"Throwback Blvd" was created to reminisce the artists and their songs in all genres of the music industry that reminds us that music is an art that is appreciated universally by all. It brings us back to a past story that we may have forgotten. Replays old and good memories. Most importantly, it is the one topic that always has an inspiration of bringing great people together!! The love of a song that you can never get sick of and becomes a Deja Vu in life, that's a definition of a Classic.

The focus of this will be the theme for a future Restaurant, Lounge & Event Venue in New York City that will offer a variety of steak, seafood, full oyster & sushi bar w/wine, cocktails & full Liquor bars as well! An incredible staff on hand (that would be treated as family and respected as human beings), a modern ambiance with a combination of an upscale lounge and club feel to it, where the music will be DJ driven!! An all around break-through in hospitality!

"Keep Hip To The Present With Throwbacks From The Past".

Future Promo Video Idea for Website" Website: Starts out with flash night clips of subways throughout the Burroughs of Manhattan, Brooklyn, Bronx & Queens w/local riders head crackin' during which guitar sounds come in and fade out (From the song “Reminisce Over You” By Pete Rock & CL Smooth). Picture fades to black as a rear from of the N train enters the tunnel to NYC. Subway doors appear on the screen and a woman’s voice say’s “Next Stop, Throwback Blvd”. User clicks on Doors, Subway Doors sound occurs; doors open and you enter the restaurant tour.

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A NYC Restaurant, Lounge & Event Venue from the creator of LTC, One Love L's Up & LTC Live "Your life, your passion and your heart is what each of us have co...

"I don't do resolutions, I continue to be greater, learn from my errors and use all the precious time that I have on this earth to make sure all is recognized as an important part of this world. Your life, your passion and your heart is what each of us have complete control of. However, if you do make a resolution, make a decision that's permanent and stick with it. To all my family, friends, colleagues and followers from around the world, I wish you a lifetime of Peace, Unity, Love and a Safe & Happy New Year."  - Todd Wharton