If you have a testimonial that you would like to be posted, please click on "Contact LTC" tab at the top of the site and send us your post.  

"On behalf of  myself & the LTC Team, I would like to thank each & everyone of you for your inspiring words. It really means a lot  knowing that this network has helped so many. It makes us work even harder to make this network great,  because honestly, you are all worth the effort. All we ask in return, is to never give up your drive in making your dreams into reality & live life with Passion!" 

- Todd Wharton: CEO & Founder

"Todd Wharton, I can't think of another pro who can take a great concept like your LTC Business Directory and reach anyone in the business who wants to succeed! Best wishes to you and everyone who has a mission to help others, too, and enjoying the process!"

- Paula Lin: - Audiobook Narrator, Female Actor, Female Model, Film Producer & Screenwriter & Owner of The Definitive Voice and Act - Acting Education, Voice Education (CT, NJ, NY - USA)


"Great men like Todd Wharton see a bigger vision and creates an empire for the Arts & Entertainment Industry, attracts and brings great talents to the table and makes them see that 1love LTC is here to help turn Rags to Riches & Star To Super Star.He has already built with amazing ACTORS, ARTISTS, MODELS, COMEDIANS, RADIO STATIONS, ETC. We all can't forget his face was on a billboard reported live in 42th st not to long ago so that day enough said 🔥🔥🔥 I've known Todd for a very long time. One thing I can say, he lives up to what he promised hisself ... he's is man of his word Much love and respect SKY'S THE LIMIT"

- Cris Barbosa A.K.A. Code-C: Hip-Hop Artist - NYC, NY (USA)

You are a winner for helping others win! thank you- I don't know when I will get my own late night talk show, but because of people like you, I keep trying! :)

- Tanya Cooper: Comedian, Author, Former foster/ Founder@FosterKidsUnite, Inc , Journalist, Motivational Speaker - NYC, NY (USA) 

Todd thank you so much! I owe a lot of my success to you and LTC. It's been truly amazing to have the support to keep growing.The world is at our fingertips! I know you guys will continue to grow and I will always support

- Phil Korz: Comedian - LA, CA (USA)

MY MENTOR SAID "TAKE THE STAIRS THE GRIND IS ABOUT THAT EXCERISE NEVER TAKE THE ELEVATOR .BUILDING FROM GROUND UP". Todd Wharton gm u are an example to me well admired I bless u. Keep Pushing God has u.

- Suieann Spencer: Daughtr of Zion is an Exc.Producer Humanitarian 4 Jamaica ,Radio Pr ,Pre Artist Mgr, Homecare Dir, - (Jamaica)


- Chali Rhyse: Author, Poet, Actor & Writer - NYC, NY (USA)

I just wanna reach out and say THANK YOU sooooo much for having taken the time to wish me HAPPY BIRTHDAY and CONGRATS Over the years!! YOU are AWESOME and YES...just reading your messages have definitely SPARKED the INNER ME to KEEP GOING in this RAT RACE!! I just wanted you to KNOW that I appreciate you and I thank you for being a BEACON for sooo many...for US....for ALL!! :) LOVE,

- Toni Seawright: 1st African American 2 win the coveted crown of Miss Mississippi (4th runner-up Miss America 1987) - Brooklyn, NY (USA)

Thanks you sir, same to you. I highly respect you. You're real person. You're above the rest in this industry, it not about you, it about helping others. Thanks for giving the industry life. In this industry people focus about me, me, about themselves, using others. You're about help others not just yourself. I respect you from the bottom of my heart. I still remember that day, when you promoted my calendar. If there is anything I can do to help with my collection, please let me know. You're real person. God bless you always. Lots of respect

- Peter Giscombe: Fashion Designer, Owner of Yamon Wear - Brooklyn, NY (USA)

Love what you are doing!! Thank you for always continuing to see and develop the greatness in others.

- Charlotte Street Living: Host & Radio Executive Producer - NYC, NY (USA)

Congrats Todd Wharton! Happy to cheer for synergy with Legends and even more props where social impact is concerned! I'm looking forward to see more happen for you as you expand your vision!

- Patelli Tylon Paschal: Event Coordinator at Online Training Academy - Orange County, CA (USA)

I would not be so gun-ho about LTC if it weren't the real deal you have made it to be...
Amazing job on your end, as always

- Tiffany Bennett: Model/Actress/Singer/Dancer - Highland, CA (USA)

Shout to my amazing brother in Christ CEO & Founder of LTC & Creator-One Love Global Movement Todd Wharton who is clearly one of the most well respected men in the arts & entertainment industry as well as a public figure ! When I first got into acting I connected with Todd and have learned alot. Todd you are a true inspiration and I look forward to coming to NYC soon ! Much love and blessings bro !

- Charles Clark: Actor - Georgia (USA)

Keep inspiring heads like me and everyone else, we all got more reasons to pursuit our own achievements and make them bigger And I thank you for always inspiring and motivating me and everyone else

- Teddy Adolphe: Photographer - Brooklyn, NY (USA)

You are a pillar in the industry

- Mariano Moreno: CEO & Founder of Adam Mario Mulimedia Inc. - Brooklyn, NY (USA)

I just want to say it's very easy to make a lot of mistakes in the Arts and entertainment industry. But to see people like you constantly helping others, it's a motivation in itself.

- Lars Risdal:  Educator - Jersey City, NJ (USA)

Just to say I appreciate you and everything that you do.

- Melissa Wallace: Actress/Model - Los Angeles, CA (USA)

Hello Todd, first off i want to thank you sincerely for everything that you're doing. Your mixers and events helps a new screenplay writer like myself at least have some sense of direction in my career. Not being in the business officially, your organization teaches me the necessary steps i need to take

- Young Hollywood A.K.A. Thomas Baylor: Screenplay Writer  - Brooklyn, New York (USA)

Todd Wharton, Thank you for being so involved in the company, you are such a talented and smart man. I will always have nothing but great things to say about you! New York wouldn't be the same with out you, keep up the excellent work Mr. Wharton. You are a force to be reckoned with.

- Ashley Ward: Musician - Charleston, West Virginia (USA)

"Hey Todd, looking forward to the next mixer. I just wanted to say thanks because LTC has given me the opportunity to meet with the right people about a screenplay I'm optioning. A while ago I wrote a sequel to Smokey and the Bandit, I met someone at Suite 36 who saw the picture I took of my script, and immediately got me on the phone to his friend from LA who has been helping me out selling this screenplay! I've met Burt Reynolds not too long ago and he is VERY interested in the sequel! And now, I am currently trying to get Ashton Kutcher's attention for the lead role of the Bandit's son, Jake. And it's all in thanks to LTC! Just wanted to let you know how much the mixers mean to me and a whole lot of other people. But I'm sure you already know that. Thanks again for putting this on every month!"

- Counterfit Cash: Screenplay Writer & Filmmaker - Millburn, NJ (USA)

"Peace and love to all ,this man right here you guys gotta give praise to...Mr. Todd Wharton...him and his whole team..... because of him ive met so may people and learned about his whole company...ive met so many people and gotten this on my radio show....so shout out Todd Wharton Ltc Ceo & the whole Ltc company!!!!"

- Vyta Vita Veggermin: Roc Runna Radio  - Haverstraw, NY (USA)

It's totally awesome what LTC is doing for the entertainment community! I personally saw the good in what your doing months ago bro! Brilliant 4U & us my dude! I can't wait to b apart of the action!! Thank u for doing what u do.
- Terry Cox: Artist - Virginia Beach, VA  (USA)

I have worked many years with Mr. Todd Wharton and want to say thank you for the support and networking with Plus Size Models for Hire yay for you I see this man work his butt off day and nite and how can you not admire a man like that with drive and dedication ... So happy for the wonderful things that are happening to him 

- Reba Fay: Owner/Operator of Plus Size Models For Hire - Myrtle Beach, SC (USA)

Your core complexity to want to help, promote, and drive the creative vehicle is inspiring.

- Veronica O'Leary - Author - Connecticut (USA)

I want to thank you again for your company…it is an amazing opportunity for me and all Local and Global talent…im very inspired with your movement it keeps me happy, positive and sane when im at my worst Wow! Thank you so much Talisha, your words just made my weekend. Do you mind if I add that to the testimonials on the LTC network.

- Talishia Bossladytee - CEO & Founder at BossladyTeeFilms - Boston, MA (USA)

I just wanted to reach out and tell you what a pleasure it was to meet you last night, and what a wonderful time I had! I always viewed networking events as scary things, but last night was one of the greatest experiences I've had just mingling and meeting some really incredible people in all areas of the industry. Thank you so much for putting such a great event together!

- Alison Malee - Actress- NYC,NY (USA)

Todd I was honored to be one of your vendors in New York at Suite 36 last night. I have never met more fantastic people in my life. You will be global soon. I can not wait to see you in Pa. Wow do you know how to have a net working event that fills the room to its capacity. .

- Lori Felt - Owner & Fashion Designer at Lori Diamond Art - Philadelphia, PA (USA)

Todd, Thanks for all you do to help artists advance their careers.

- George Romaine - Screen & Playwright - NYC,NY (USA)

I'm very proud of what you have accomplished & I know you are proud too, helping put these new & sometimes struggling artists in a place to basically be among st their peers & know they are not alone

- Warren Bubb - Actor - Bronx, NY (USA)

I love coming to your event & supporting. You have the best people, you make everyone so happy. Your networking skills are incredible & you always know how to greet each & every person. JT Talent Enterprises LLC will always will always be there to back you up in any event you have.

- John Thomas - Owner of JT Talent Enterprises LLC  NYC, NY (USA)

Todd's LTC monthly mixer brings all types of artists in all categories to network and have an all around good time. I started to meet the right people to build my passion to act into a career

- Andrew J Rodney - Actor/Sculptor NYC,NY (USA)

Your event is one of the big reasons why I am succeeding

- Daniel Michael Crane - Actor/Singer - NY,NY (USA)

I wanted to express my feelings, excitement and gratefulness to Todd Wharton. All I can say is, he cares about us so much to do what he is doing. Now having this monthly mixer, we get a great chance to not only network and make friends but to also work with others who love the business as much as we do. I met some great people at the last mixer, three I am most grateful to for appearing in my music video right on the spot. Where else can something like this happen, Thank you Todd.

- Ronda Swindell - Owner/Operator at RonSwin Productions- Queens, NY (USA)

Feels so good to be finally recognized, my heart, mind and soul is feeling so much joy, you couldn't imagine what I'm feeling now. I've prayed, I've dreamed, I've tried to make every moment a striving impact to make my life mean something. Thank you so much for helping me achieve my dreams.

- Kenny Matel - Musician & Singer/Sonwriter (Kenoshia, Wisconsin, USA)

Thank you so much for doing these events. I'm new to NY & never imagined I'd meet so many people in the industry so quickly & it's all because of LTC, Thank you! - Cameron Ring - Actor (Arlington, VA, USA) 

I just wanted to say a genuine thank you. Thank you for everything you have helped me with & always being a good friend. You truly are a gem for the way you put others before you & have such a passion for your work. You just want everyone to have a chance to shine. You're one of the most selfless people I know & the world would be a MUCH better place if there were more of you. You're so positive & you're doing something that's going to change the world. Your LTC Logo will be over Billboards with your smiling goofy face LOL! So thank you for being such a good friend. Any event that you have, I will promote & support & anytime you ever need anything, don't hesitate to ask.

- Emily Lauren Samuel - Body Paint Artist & Former PR Rep- NYC,NY (USA

Awesome event. If you are an artist you must attend an LTC mixer. It is a great career move. TRUST ME!!

- Jason Duval Hunter - CEO & Founder of The Hunt 4 Love Productions - Brooklyn, NY (USA)

Had a great time at LocalTalentConnect's Networking event. Besides making new friends & new connections, you get renewed inspiration!

- Eren T. Gibson - Actress, Comedienne, Writer, Singer & Director - NY,NY (USA)

I met Todd through a friend and I owe her a million. This new found treasure that Todd has created is a blessing. Talk about people helping each other, well he really does. LTC is packed with people involved in the entertainment biz and they give 100% of themselves. Knowing LTC is there it makes the sometimes ruff road to success a lot smoother. Sometimes we all need a little help and support through our journey. It's GREAT to know Todd is there. I met so many great people at his network events. Todd, thank you for everything. LTC team, you honestly are the BEST!

- Ronda Swidell -  Singer/Actress/RonSwin Productions - NYC, NY (USA)

Really appreciate you, your establishment is really a welcome development. I'm so interested because it's part of my life & business

- Gabriel Gbako - Music Consultant & Promoter - Lagos, Nigeria (West Africa)

Thank you Todd! I appreciate everything you've done an been doing man."
- Ariel Rolando Pacheco - Actor - New York City, New York (USA) 

"I think that what your doing is really admirable and amazing!"
- Melissa WeiszActress - New York, New York (USA)

"I'm based in Western Australia, but am going to apply for New York Fringe next year. Your site looks like a great way for me to network from a distance. Many thanks!"
- Tiffany Barton - Playwright/Actor - Perth Amboy (Australia)

For: Ajna Jaisinghani - Actor & Team LTC Member - Reviews Columnist "Wow thank you so much Ajna! I feel so honored to have such a beautifully written and sweet article about me and my music. I hope you had fun at Bar East and thank you again for coming :) "
- Amanda Fama -Singer/Songwriter - New Jersey (USA) 

"Last Friday  Todd Wharton from LocalTalentConnect sent Annie Hartkemeyer (Reviews Columnist) to cover The Train Wreck Comedy show. A show I co-produced with Henry Cruz. After the show she interviewed the both of us. She was wonderful and super professional. I would like to thank LocalTalent NYC, Todd Wharton and Annie Hartkemeyer on the behalf of Henry Cruz and myself! I'm sure this is just the beginning of a long and beneficial relationship between Train Wreck Comedy and Local Talent Connect! Thank you again Local Talent Connect!"
- Keith Fuerstenberg - Comedian - NYC, New York (USA)

"You are the best Professional i've seen so far, and i know what i'm talking about ! Todd ! I've already started alerting my friends! I also really appreciate your discernment; which gives way to your indisputable creativity!"
- Emmanuel Mote - France - Actor/Writer/Song Performer & France Karate Champion - France (EUR)

"I really like this network of yours, its what artist such as myself need to expand our gifts"
- Clipperman Godboldo - Comedian - New York City, New York (USA)

"Thanks for introducing me to LocalTalentConnect. I think this group is a brilliant idea." 
- Giordona Aviv - Actor & Performance Artist - New York City, New York (USA)

"I would love to thank Todd Wharton for broadcasting my event to the World he is the greatest in the industry. My fellow actors please connect with him at LocalTalentConnect!!!! May God bless him and his endeavors abundantly."
- Tracie Turner Jackson -Actor/Model/Singer - Florida (USA)

 "What an amazing concept Todd Wharton. Thank you for making such a place exist for us artists" 
- Amanda Ashley - Singer, Songwriter & Musician - Rochester, New York (USA)

"I love your page! I check it out every day! It's great to know there are people like you out there who
appreciate this stuff!! It's great for these kids! and extremely helpful to people like me" 
- Lorilynn Villano Fratto -Fan of LTNYC & Mother/Promoter to Sal Fratto- Drums/ Vocals/Occasional
Guitar of the band "Better Late Than Never" - New York City, New York (USA)

"People like you give me hope, being so young, that things will be ok"
- Daniel Michael Crane - Actor & Performance Artist - New York City, New York (USA)

"Hello Todd Wharton , I just wanted to say thank you, for the LTC event I attended that you had over the summer . From your Event I made some wonderful connections in the industry to some amazing people which is leading me in the Modeling direction I have been pursuing . You have been a great help to me and your LTC events are an asset to the Industry , thank you again so much and I will be attending more,best to you always !" Sincerely Cathy Smith
-  Cathy Smith - Model - Eastchester, New York (USA)

I'm honored to be a part of the LTC fam!!! You doing big things my brutha!!! Keep on making it happin'!!! God bless.
- Jig Da Comedian - Comedian - Brooklyn, NY (USA)

Congratulations for launching LTC. I wish you the best of everything. I love your passion, drive, 
determination and perseverance in helping others to keep their dreams alive! You are truly a blessing!
- Brittney Monique Grimes - Public Speaker, Poet, Writer & Author - NYC, NY (USA)

- Pamela Smith - Singer - Somerset, NJ (USA)

Hey Todd, I just wanted to thank you for helping me with my dream of becoming a fashion designer and helping me build my company, you are truly the best brother a brother can ask for and LTC (your baby) is going to be the biggest thing ever and what every artist has been waiting for. This site you invented was a great idea bro. - Lafonti Martin - Fashion Designer - Bronx, New York (USA)

Early morning to my dear family, friends & supporter's I am officially
apart of this growing global network, I'm honored and thrilled about what new adventures seek around
the corner, Todd Wharton appreciate you dearly, your caring nature God bless you always
- Charay Actress Vaughn - Actor & CEO of Char'Chy Productions - South Carolina (USA)

Hi Todd, thank you for your kindness. It's great you've created a network where artists can meet and
encourage each other :)
- Racheal Thomas - Student @New York Film Academy - NYC, NY (USA)

When Todd Wharton came up with the idea of connecting talent locally, I felt that it was the right
time for something like this.  Who knew that it and he would explode into what LocalTalentConnect
has become.  I was able to find one of the best Servers in the City due to Todd's connections and belief
in what he has built.I truly believe in Todd is doing and would and have given my full support to any
and all branches that grow from LTC.  He has the knowledge and the insight to put the right people
together no matter what the arena or genre. I will be coming to LTC for future possible hires and
connections.  I believe that you should as well.  
George Colucci - General Manager @Nick & Toni's Cafe, New York City and fellow artist! - NYC, NY (USA)

Todd Wharton is really putting in the business on networking and growing your brand. This man
knows his stuff. Take heed to his words.
- Chike Evans - Media Personality/Red Carpet Host & Journalist. 
Producer & movie reviewer for THE STEVEN KNIGHT SHOW. - Atlanta, GA (USA)

I listened to your interview on "The Steven Knight Show". Thank you for inspiring others to never
deny their artist soul. You should be so proud of what you created. Your truly a special person!
- Janet Christophoro - Fan & Friend of LocalTalentConnect - Astoria, NY (USA)

Thanks for creating this wonderful forum for us to all help each other achieve and succeed!
- Sean Patrick Murtagh- Actor/Comedian - New York City, New York (USA)

For the record, this is a great movement that you have started and are
building.  I have faith that it will go far!

- Arthur Ar-Stylez Baton Jr. - Hip-Hop Artist, Poet & Songwriter - Brooklyn, New York (USA)

Hi Todd,Through your Local Talent Connect page I reached out to
Kathleen Wilce regarding coaching. I just wanted to let you know you're really doing a great service, 
especially on the Facebook page for Local Talent Connect. Thanks!
- Mike Dragonetti - Voice Over Talent - Uniondale, New York (USA)

I want to congratulate you on putting together a brilliant idea…I look
forward to networking on the site
- George Worrell - CEO & Founder of  George Worrell Style

Peace and blessings, Todd. I just read the Bronze Magazine article about your company.
Wow. It is so impressive. Your dedication to growing your dream and the dreams of others is
inspirational. Best wishes to you and your endeavors. All the best,
- Tanya Manning-Yarde  Bronze Magazine & Educational Consultant

I think this is an amazing idea and I read your speech and I admire and
would be proud to know you in this industry. Keep up the awesome work, your mother taught
you very well as did mine. She is my savior besides The Lord of course:-) I know this will become
very successful, look how many likes you already have!! Way to go!
- Apriel Starkweather - Actress/Singer - Los Angeles, Ca (USA)

Todd Wharton and his company, Local Talent Connect, have provided me with a plethora of connections to very reputable industry professionals. I have turned to Todd onseveral occasions to obtain connections that have helped me get where I am today, allowing me toaccomplish things I wouldn't have been able to in the period of time provided. Todd dedicates his time
and motivation to this company's success, and it is clearly paying off. When I have the power and time
to assist Local Talent Connect, I would love to help them progress and expand as much as possible!
-Mia LJ -Musician/Actress/Singer/Songwriter/Guitarist/Pianist/Drummer - NYC,  New York (USA)

Thank you for having this website available to all aspiring artists!!! 
- Millie DeeActress. Singer, Songwriter, Storyteller, Independent Fine Arts Professional
& CEO of My Cleva Little Songs - New York (USA)

"I had the pleasure of meeting the Founder Todd Wharton at an industry event that I hosted on
Saturday and I was excited to hear his vision for the company. What a great platform
LocalTalentConnect is providing-amazing idea! 
- Lucy NorrisProducer and Host of the TV Show
"On Deck With Lucy" whereby we highlight the 3T's of NYC-The Talent, Trends and Tastes. - NYC, NY (USA)

LOVE what you are doing Todd Wharton, Keep It up!!!!
- Roberto Adolpho - Freelance Actor, Director & Artist - NYC, New York (USA)

"I think that what your doing is really admirable and amazing!"
- Melissa WeiszActress - New York, New York (USA)