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Due to the overwhelming response of the recent rally held on Thanksgiving Eve 2017, this has become the official annual event to kick off the holiday season in NYC. A "FREE" to attend event that gathers guests from all over the globe to celebrate, peace, unity, love & family, filled with holiday cheer through music, dance & so much more.......

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The Holiday Coat, Food & Toy Drive will be available all year round for you to make a donation by clicking on each Santa Bag. On the day of the event, participants from each organization will be on hand in Times Square to also except donations in person.

A difference can be made if we do it together

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For Sponsorship Opportunities , How to Donate to The Holiday Raffle, Charity Consideration, Performance Consideration and Volunteer Opportunities, please email us your inquiry to


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The One Love L's Up Times Square Peace Rally was approved by the NYC Parks Department, Times Square Alliance & The NYPD that occurred on Wednesday, November 22, 2017 "THANKSGIVING EVE" from 6pm - 10PM in Duffy Square/Times Square between 46th and 47th street which featured special guest speakers and live performances by Reggae artist "Challenger and The "Original" Spindarella from the 4-Time Grammy Award winning Hip Hop Group "Salt-N-Pepa"

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It's a movement of peace for the world to recognize that at the end of the day, we are all special, we are all important. Martin Luther King Jr. had a dream, that dream woke up the world, now the world needs to open up it's eyes. We need to be proud to stand alone, be strong enough to stand apart, but be smart enough to stand together and that time is right now. Social media is aiding to every issue that this world is experiencing from racism, to terrorism, sexual discrimination, etc... It's time that we have a symbol, a positive movement that brings together everyone, a voice that stands for one cause, a symbol that represents one world, we need One Love.  "One Love L's Up"

The ideal concept of this movement/rally, would be to create the ultimate concert series (That will start in NYC), which will tour around the world promoting One Love with a symbol "L's Up" (A movement with a Voice). The concert will be an all day and night festival that will generate revenue and positivity to each city that the concert is established in. There would be a 2nd stage, that would allow up and coming artists of all genres (Through a try out and voting process) the opportunity to perform on a platform for the world. The main stage will be for celebrity performers chosen by the One Love L's Up committee. 

Part of the net proceeds of the concert will be donated to charities and non-profit organizations in each city that the concert will be held in. to aid in all areas that this world is in need of, making One Love L's Up THE ULTIMATE GLOBAL ORGANIZATION!!

"It's Time For L's Up" - Join The Global Movement.

Take a selfie or photo of yourself and others (with your Right Hand in an L, Thumb and Pointer Finger) and send it to Tell us about yourself, as much as you want to divulge, be proud of who you are, because no matter what, YOU ARE A HUMAN BEING and that's what matters. You deserve the same freedom and the same respect as everyone, everywhere and it's time for you to be heard. 

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For more Event Information, please select the "Contact LTC at the top of the site." 

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