Todd Wharton

As the CEO & Founder of LTC & The Creator of The One Love L's Up Global Movement & Concert Series for Unity, my duty & responsibility is to encourage every one in the struggle to live up to their highest idea & strive at the same time to make the ideal as near as possible to the TRUTH!

"My Passion Is To Help Others Find Theirs"



Lars Risdal

LTC Guest Relations

I am a teacher by trade, but I have always had a very strong passion to see that artists are doing well. The field of the Arts can be very daunting and stressful, but with the right knowledge and a little push artists can succeed. I want to use what I know to make a difference in people's lives.

Teddy Adolphe

LTC Photographer

Born in Crown Heights Brooklyn, NY Teddy Adolphe grew up in a household that was fill with classic vinyls, tv shows and movies as well. Pop culture would play a major role when it came to his drawings, writing and photography. When he started photography back in 2006 it started with just knowing how to use a camera, in Teddy case this would be the beginning of a hidden gift that would grow a life of its own in due time. In the Summer 2010 Teddy was introduce to the art world where every event he attended made a good impression on the artist themselves who like and respected the way he would take photos. In due time the art world welcome him with open arms and slowly earn his own title as an artist himself. Be a photographer in New York is never an easy task, but with passion, hard work and most important inspiration Mr. Adolphe earn his name one snap shot at a time, for the last 11 years Teddy has been a part of the world of hip hop, art and fashion where he became a photographer that started to catch more people’s attention. While on vacation in Iceland the top of the new year of 2013, teddy came up with 3 letters where people would start to see his work everywhere, and that would be T.A.P (Teddy Adolphe Photography). Teddy is much active in the world of photography where his lens has captured red carpet moments, on stage excitement and everyday life that deserves to be taken a photo by T.A.P. In 2017 Teddy has taken his name and brand on to a bigger platform to showcase his talent behind his lens. Teddy has proved to his fans and followers that anything in life is possible if you believe, and most important stay true to your name, hard work and daily hustle for a bigger and better tomorrow.