LTC Stand Up Comedy
Continues in NYC 2018


LTC Stand Up Comedy is a monthly event that will showcase up and coming comedians. along with a "Live" music performance & Comedy Sketch Series
Each event will feature photographers, a video crew, red carpet/step and repeat. & a Red Carpet Hostess.

If you are an up and coming comedian, musical artist (Solo or Band) and/or have a comedy sketch series and would like the opportunity to showcase your talents, you can send your submission to info@localtalentconnect.com
Make sure you put in the subject header:
Example: "LTC Stand Up Comedy Performance Submission"

If you are interested in being on display (promoting your brand/vending opportunities) or a sponsor at this monthly event, than email us your submission to info@LocalTalentConnect.com. Make sure you put in the subject header "LTC Stand Up Comedy Vending/Sponsorship Opportunities"

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