LTC is in talks with a number of venues in NYC to hold this monthly event that will allow ALL aspiring artists, in which LTC recognizes over 200 to have a chance to showcase their talents among st their peers and dining guests.
When we say ALL, we mean ALL.

If you have a monologue you memorized and need to practice in front of a live audience, perform comedy, recite poetry, play music, sing for us, paint for us, mime for us, perform ventriloquism, dance for us, the acts are unlimited.
"Artists need to be heard as well as seen."

Each event will feature a full video production crew, photographers, full venue staff, plenty of seating, Step and Repeat with a Red Carpet Hostess and much, much more......Whether you are performing, dining and drinking, lounging or simply to have a great time, this is an event for you.

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