LTC Cinema Series showcases at the Village East Cinema in NYC. It allows the opportunity for Indie Short Films, Webisodes, Radio & TV Talk Show Web Series (Trailers), to be featured on a BIG screen, along with "Karma Bitch" (An LTC Original Comedy Sketch Series) and a "Live" Stand Up Comedic Performance.
LTC CINEMA SERIES is presented by LTC & Co-Produced by GMS Films

Each event will feature a full video production crew, photographers, full venue staff, plenty of seating, a Red Carpet  and much, much more......


Photos of past LTC Cinema Series are available to view in the LTC Photo Gallery

**Each feature may contain adult content that is not suitable for underage attendees. Parental guidance is suggested.**

ALL Submissions (Selected or Non-Selected) will be automatically entered for consideration for the 2019 LTC Awards in NYC. All entries will be voted upon by the Arts & Entertainment Industry in a Voting Poll.
Categories TBA at a later date.

If you are an up and coming comedian and would like the opportunity to showcase your talents, you can send your submission to Info@LocalTalentConnect.com - Please send us video reels, links etc...so we can view each submission properly.

If you are interested in promoting your brand on the BIG SCREEN and/or would like to be an event sponsor, than please email us your inquiry, along with your full contact info to Info@LocalTalentConnect.com.… - PLEASE BE VERY DETAILED


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ALL LTC Business Directory members *ONLY* will receive a discount off General Admission Tickets (Members price $10.00).
Please send your request to Info@LocalTalentConnect.com if you would like to attend and receive your discount. If you are not a member, than you can sign up by going to the LTC Business Directory.

LTC is always in search in developing partnerships, which will give artists more performance opportunities. Just make sure you mention LTC when submitting.