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Here is a Full Video Playlist of the movements history. Photos of past L's Up Global events are available to view in the LTC Photo Gallery
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The One Love L's Up Times Square Peace Rally was approved by the NYC Parks Department, Times Square Alliance & The NYPD that occurred on Wednesday, November 22, 2017 "THANKSGIVING EVE" from 6pm - 10PM in Duffy Square/Times Square between 46th and 47th street which featured special guest speakers and live performances by Reggae artist "Challenger and The "Original" Spindarella from the 4-Time Grammy Award winning Hip Hop Group "Salt-N-Pepa"

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Below are submitted videos by least years attendees

Hi, my name is Todd Wharton, CEO & Founder of LTC, Host of LTC Live and the Creator of L’s Up Global (Formerly known as  One Love L's Up, A Global Movement & Concert Series for Peace & Unity). NYC is the greatest city in the world, not because of the food, the skyscrapers, the entertainment, etc... IT'S BECAUSE OF THE PEOPLE. We forget how special and beautiful this world is until you stand in the heart of NYC and at that moment you realize in one place, people from around the world from every race, religion, gender, sexual preference, young, old, rich, poor, etc.. are doing one thing; celebrating life without the fear of being afraid of who they are with the drive that know matter where they are from in the world #IamNYC , because NYC is the world.

This concert/movement has been created not because of a tragedy, but to try to prevent future ones. A concert not to happen just once, but a movement to be implemented in major cities around the world to draw out the best of the aspiring artists to the established, a true red carpet affair, an all day happening of entertainment through all facets of the arts and entertainment industry, a talk show to showcase real talk, an event that does not solely focus on the celebrity aspects, but a first of it’s kind concert to focus on the main picture, THAT ALL HUMANS ARE RELEVANT! A movement that unites all charities and all movements for one goal, to get one step closer to that Utopia.

L's Up is a symbol of peace and hope, to let everyone know you are an equal of this earth. A symbol raised to the sky, that not only will unite the world, but a message that One Love does exist and let those that have passed, that tried to make the world a better place, that we are down here continuing that message. A symbol that says, I fight to end cancer, I fight to end poverty, I fight for freedom, I love my fellow man/woman, I am an equal, I am somebody, etc…. Martin Luther King Jr. had a dream, that dream woke up the world, now it’s time for the world to open up it’s eyes. 

Social media has become such a major entity in this world that it has also allowed the freedom of speech and actions to really focus and aids to so much negativity in this world. It’s our obligation, as humans, to take this power and use it to really promote something positive for once, instead of getting views for a negative action.

Humans have been at war with each other since the dawn of time and we are fighting battles and rules based on those from the past that mocked what they don't understand.  We have a choice, a human virtue that only we control. 

We are asking for your support. Anyone can say "Well I liked your post", but it's the ones that give a little or a lot, who show up and the ones that get off their computer to be a part of history to help celebrate life and not aid in destroying it. Help us change the course of time and make our future better for those generations to come.

Bob Marley has proven that a voice can be strong through music to promote peace and love. He was so determined that after being shot for what he believed in, 2 days later he got back up on that stage and sang. When asked "Why" he said "There are those that are trying to make this world worse and they are not taking a day off. How can I? Light up the darkness"

Please help us make a difference. This is your world as well.

“One man can change the world, but together we can change the course of man and woman in a positive way.” - Todd Wharton

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