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The LTC Business Directory has been created & specifically designed to promote businesses as well as any personal social media sites of the members choosing. This will give anyone an amazing advertising exposure resource for their professional and/or personal site(s). This will be a major resource for the industry to assist those who are looking to find the businesses or specific professional they require to help build their careers as well as businesses to obtain new perspective clients. Think of this is as a Yellow Pages for the Arts & Entertainment Industry.

All LTC Business Directory members benefits include unlimited listings based on fields & genres, unlimited ads to be posted in the LTC Classifieds & unlimited items to sell in the LTC Store. Members be added to the LTC Email List to keep up with all LTC Events, News, etc......

  • Send LTC an email to

  • Make sure indicate in the Subject Header LTC Business Directory

  • Include in an attachment a graphic (Logo, Headshot etc...) Full Name and/or Business Name

  • What categories would you like to be categorized in? Meaning "AND BE HONEST" List all talents, genres and or fields that you work in, so we can add you to those categories (If you don't see the proper category, suggest a new category and we will implement one upon request)

  • Indicate geographical location (meaning where do you reside and/or business locale) Example: NYC, NY (USA) 

  • Include a social media link that would give you the most exposure - Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, YouTube, etc... (Website Link is recommended) This link will be attached to your graphic