LocalTalentConnect (LTC) is a global social network (based in NYC) geared towards the Arts & Entertainment Industry. This network is made to be a tool for connecting and networking with others in their field, along with providing information and connections to those who can help turn your dreams into reality. We cater to every artistic field there is including but not limited to actors, singers, dancers, writers, musicians, designers, poets, comedians, martial artists, culinary artists, architects, etc..... Along with promoting your talents, our goal is to provide a means of bettering careers, of getting more connected to inside information and a place to come to meet new and prospective colleagues from all over the world. A place where you all share one thing in common- "TO MAKE IT."

The world is full of aspiring stars, it’s time for you all to meet! Everyone wants to be in the right place at the right time, this is a place to help make that happen.

For the past 20 years Todd (A native New Yorker), has worked in a variety of positions in real estate and mortgage lending, along with both management & head-serving positions in numerous restaurants where he has brushed elbows with up and coming artists and burgeoning superstars alike. worked in a number of restaurants from Long Island to NYC. Throughout these years numerous friendships have been formed with his fellow employees who all happen to be aspiring artists. In the hospitality industry the people you work with tend to become more than just colleagues, but family. This is what made it so heartbreaking when he began to witness (what he calls it) this “DOWNFALL OF PASSION” in them. "Artists have an amazing drive when they do something they love and it truly is inspiring, but watching the passion slowly erode in their eyes has always bothered me". I saw them consistently getting lost or caught up in the game of struggling to get by: connecting with the right people, going to the right seminars, attending the right shows, floating resumes all over town, going to every casting call possible, demo gigs, practice, dress rehearsals, meetings, on top of supporting themselves with paying jobs, paying bills and so on, and so on and so on…It gets pretty drowning.  Many of his friends eventually ended up moving away or going back home with the attitude, “Well I tried, now back to reality.”  So he decided to do something about it and help all of his present/future friends and family better their careers. As we know networking is an absolute imperative for any and all successful business, no matter the field.  He suddenly realized what was missing for his friends: a proper tool to get their name out, a tool for the most important ingredient of success- a networking tool.

The Vision

LTC's goal is to connect all aspiring artists & businesses involved in the Arts & Entertainment Industry (Including Media) from all over the world. This will enable unlimited networking and connection possibilities for members present & future.


LTC was originally established & named LocalTalentNYC on FB on September 21, 2012 (Dedicated to his mother on her birthday). In mid-December of 2012 the start-up icon changed the name to LTC due to the overwhelming response realizing this is not just about the artists of NYC, it's about the artists of the world! 

The LTC Network (The Official Network) was launched on January 1, 2014 Midnight/New Years Eve!

Since the re-naming of the corporation & the added value that he has contributed to the industry, Todd Wharton is slowly becoming a future icon in the A&E Industry.

****LTC is the FIRST online/offline social network in existence for the ENTIRE Arts & Entertainment Industry***** 

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